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Buckwheat Pancakes

My recent cookbook purchases includes a book called ‘Good to the Grain:Baking with Whole Grain Flours‘ by Kim Boyce. I came across this book while browsing the book section on Amazon (one of my favourite past times ;)) and bought it purely out of curiosity. It’s interesting to read and learn how whole grain flours can be used to produce baked goods with a healthy twist.

I must say I haven’t tried too many recipes yet. However, they all look mouth-wateringly promising and as soon as I have more jars of whole grain flours stocked up, I’ll definitely try out more of them. The one recipe I have tried out more than once is the one for buckwheat pancakes (although in the book it’s originally a recipe for pear and buckwheat pancakes). It was the first time I’d ever used buckwheat flour. The pancakes had a really delicious nutty flavour contributed by the buckwheat flour and that somehow made them a lot more satisfying and filling.



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April 2nd, 2011 will go down as a momentous day in the history of Indian cricket. On this day, the Indian cricket team trounced the Sri Lankans to bring home the cricket World Cup once again after 28 long years.

And how did we witness this great event unfold? Unfortunately, not a single sports channel on our Irish cable network was showing the match. We watched it via online streaming which wasn’t the best experience but we savoured the various heartbeat-stopping, nail-biting moments along with some hot samosas and cups of steaming hot Indian tea. Whoever said cricket is a boring, long and slow game! (more…)

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