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Sometimes I get this strong feeling to bake something. It usually strikes over the weekend (although, we’re off full time work at the moment so every day is a weekend day ;)), on those lazy days when you’ve not done anything too productive and feel like filling the afternoon hours with some kitchen activity.

lemon sponge cake

This last weekend was one such time and when we were in the supermarket, I stood in the baking products aisle for a good few minutes wandering up and down without much inspiration. This is when Peter suggested what about making a simple sponge cake maybe flavoured with lemon and cardamom? Not a bad idea I thought. Later at home, I found an unused bag of dessicated coconut in the kitchen cupboard and decided to throw that in too. I’ve always liked the flavour of coconut in both sweet and savoury dishes, maybe it’s got to do with the coconut rich food I grew up with but it instantly comforts me.

coconut sponge cake

sponge cake



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Quite a while ago, I was browsing through the food section on guardian.co.uk and chanced upon an interesting recipe by Dan Lepard. I’ve tried a couple of his recipes in the past and have never been disappointed. So I decided to try out the ‘roast pineapple, coconut meringue and rum cream’.

The only ingredient I forgot to put on my shopping list was the cream to make the rum cream so I replaced it with some raspberry sauce as there were some frozen raspberries lying in our freezer waiting to be put to good use.

pineapple and coconut meringues


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Lovely ruby coloured rhubarb has been making it’s appearance again. This is one fruit/vegetable (which one is it?) I have never tried cooking with. I’ve never even seen anything quite like it in Indian food markets, maybe it does not or cannot grow in tropical climates? Not sure.


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